The Perfect Imperfection

After wandering around (physical, creative and spiritual), Bert Kooiman (1956) has found its place in the northern Italian Melogno.


In his studio in the clouds, he finishes selected furniture, made by Italian master craftsmen, in a special way. This specialty is the result of craftsmanship and his own interpretation here off. This creates a vivid coating that evokes an authentic atmosphere. Allowing the creation of textures is a theme that we find also in the free work of our artist (compare the Raku ceramics).



 “ A chair does not only has to be comfortable and beautiful, but also feel good.”

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In the Netherlands, the furniture is for sale at
Essentials in Amsterdam, 
van Duivenboden in Haarlem and
Art of Furniture in The Hague

In Italy:
Italhome in Milan

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